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See our thoughts on the current state and future of market research, including research methods and strategies, as well as our thoughts on customer satisfaction.

Banks and the Future of Video Tellers

At the recent Future Branches conference in Austin, TX, video tellers were top of mind for many bank executives attending. Discussions surrounded topics like what type of video tellers and the benefits of switching to video tellers.

In our National Benchmarking Study, we surveyed bank customers on their satisfaction with video tellers. 57% of retail…

The Crystal Ball to Customer Insights (if there is such a thing): Key Driver Analysis

If we could read the minds of our customers, life would be filled with easy days at the office and worry-free weekends. Alas, I’m unaware of any one person or company possessing such a superpower, leaving entire industries clouded in an environment of somewhat or untested assumptions concerning their customers. Often times, when decisions spur…

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