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Our experienced team is focused on not only uncovering valuable insights, but providing actionable recommendations to improve your organization.

Take Customer Experience to New Levels with APECS

Our voice of the customer program is designed to measure and improve customer satisfaction. We identify areas of immediate need and identify trends to establish long-term goals and provide action planning tools to help you make improvements.​

Use Actionable Research to Uncover Valuable Insights

With a full range of research methodologies that we customize to your needs, you can rely on MSR Group to deliver quality, actionable data.

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MSR Group | A Personalized Approach to Market Research

We’re a market research firm dedicated to providing valuable insights for our clients. Backed by an experienced team that genuinely cares about helping our clients achieve their goals, we work with you to find the best research methods to deliver results.

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Measure & Improve Customer Experience

APECS is the complete package for companies looking to measure and improve customer satisfaction. With our combination of ongoing customer satisfaction surveys, a simple-to-use reporting dashboard, and action planning tools, we’re a partner dedicated to helping you improve customer satisfaction.

Ad Hoc Research

We don’t do research for the sake of it. We work with you as a partner to identify the research methods that will provide the information you need and that will benefit you the most. With an experienced team dedicated to delivering quality insights, we take a custom approach to every single client making us the market research company so many trust.

Qualitative Research

Quantitative Research

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Our People Are Our Difference

When it comes to market research, many simply offer a technology product or take a one-size-fits-all approach. That’s not MSR Group. With us, you get a caring, responsive team on your side. We judge our success by yours and rely on our people to offer more than just a product. We deliver a service and consider our clients to be partners. We do more than collect data. We provide solutions.

About Our Team

“I am always pleased to work with The MSR Group because I know they are capable of setting up, conducting and delivering results, each time, every time, despite the inevitable eleventh hour obstacles.”

“What we do in terms of service delivery we believe differentiates us from the competition. The MSR Group helps us to quantify that. I consider that relationship very valuable.”

“With the MSR Group it really did feel like we were their most important client and the level of response – the level of engagement – that we experienced was fantastic.”

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Be Part of the Research

Interested in participating in a future research study? Our research often includes talking in-depth about the products and services consumers use or new products in development.

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