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Now is the time to get smarter about your business.

Uncover insights. Get actionable recommendations. Gain analysis that reveals what’s hidden inside the data.

Learn what customers think about you. And what you can do about it.

Measure and improve customer satisfaction with APECS®, all day, every day.

Match the methodology to your needs.

Customize a research approach to get results you can act on immediately.

The MSR Group

Dedicated to uncovering valuable insights that address your business goals, your experienced MSR team takes a personalized approach to tailor the right research solution to your individual company needs.

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Measure and improve customer experience.

Customer loyalty and advocacy is built on a positive customer experience, and APECS® is the tool that lets you measure, respond, and improve in real time. A combination of ongoing customer satisfaction surveys, an easy-to-read dashboard interface, and specific action recommendations make APECS® a powerful lever to increase ROI from existing customers.

Research tailored to your situation.

With a toolbox full of both qualitative and quantitative methodologies, your expert MSR team can work with you to build the research approach that’s right for your needs, and deliver analytical support and strategic recommendations that have a positive impact on your business.

Qualitative Research

Quantitative Research

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Big enough to deliver professional capabilities. Small enough to know you personally.

Your MSR team members are experts dedicated to your individual business. They take a personal interest in delivering service that provides data along with solutions that make a difference in your project. We judge our success by yours. You’ll get to know your team – and they’ll get to know you.

Meet Your Team
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Want to make your voice heard? Participate in our research.

The MSR Group regularly conducts research for companies across the country, and we’re always looking for people like you to be part of the process.

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