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Employee Experience Measurement & Improvement

Employee feedback provides valuable information at many levels. Your employees have a unique perspective on how well your organization serves customers. Getting to know more about the interactions between employees and customers from the employee perspective, is valuable information that can create a better work environment and improve your customers’ experience. We have several offerings to meet your needs.
Employee Engagement — Measuring employees’ commitment to your organization, their feelings about their work and their understanding of your corporate values provides insight into your managers’ effectiveness and your overall culture.
Exit Surveys – Turnover is expensive, and excessive turnover has an impact on both your organization’s reputation and your remaining workforce’s morale. Exit surveys help you identify the reasons why high-value employees choose to leave so you can address them proactively.
Employee Onboarding – New employees have a fresh perspective on your organization, in addition to valuable experience at other companies that can be used to your advantage. Onboarding surveys provide insight into the effectiveness of your recruiting and selection processes and training programs.
Event-driven – Significant organizational events or changes affect employees in different ways. Surveys conducted around these events can track attitudes and help drive communication strategies.

Happier Employees Lead to Better Customer Experiences

Why is collecting employee feedback so important? Your employees are interacting with your customers on a regular basis. Happy employees will be more engaged and deliver better customer experiences. This will ultimately result in better business results.

Our Solution: APECS® Workforce

APECS® Workforce keeps employee feedback front of mind by doing ongoing surveys to better understand how your employees feel about their work.

To help you take full advantage of the unique perspective employees have regarding the customer experience, APECS® Workforce surveys include a robust set of questions focused on employee perceptions of specific elements of the customer experience. By maximizing linkage with customer feedback, APECS® Workforce helps you turn your employees’ feedback into targeted actions to improve your customers’ experience.


View Results in the Performance Monitor

Collecting feedback is one thing. Actively evaluating and using that feedback is another. Through the APECS® Performance Monitor, you can easily view employee feedback and act on it.

Ongoing Employee Feedback Regarding the Customer Experience

Most traditional employee engagement surveys include a small number of survey questions to assess employee perceptions of their organization’s overall service orientation. This can be a missed opportunity.

The effort required to plan for and to act upon traditional employee engagement surveys leads most organizations to only collect annual feedback from employees. To help you utilize employees as a listening post for customer issues, APECS® Workforce provides continuous opportunities for service employees to provide feedback about the customer experience. By capturing employee input on an ongoing basis, APECS® Workforce helps you identify and address customer issues before they reach a critical state.

Improve Your Employee Experience

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