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Brand Research

Put your organization in the best position to succeed. With brand research services including advertising effectiveness and creative testing, awareness measurement, market share and share of wallet analysis, as well as competitor tracking, brand research can be the accelerator for your marketing efforts.

Advertising Effectiveness & Creative Testing

No one wants to waste money on a poor media buy. Advertising effectiveness and creative testing makes sure that your marketing money is well spent. Focus groups measure and track how well the audience understands your ads, their emotional reaction to them and how well they recall the message.

Brand Awareness & Recognition

How well does the market know you? What is the perception of your brand versus the competition? Understanding consumer awareness, attitude and perception is essential to your marketing efforts. A Brand Awareness study will measure aided and unaided awareness, characteristics consumers associate with you and your competition, and learn what your position is in the consumer mind.

Market Share & Share of Wallet

It’s a simple fact that organic growth is a more cost-efficient way to grow revenue than just chasing new business. Know where your customers are spending their money, why they choose the brands they choose, and identify where you stand against competitors. Uncover the potential for earning increased business from current customers and unlock new success.

Competitive Intelligence

Keeping tabs on the competition is smart business—it helps you differentiate yourself and hone in on your competitive advantages. Understanding how consumers feel about your competition helps you make informed decisions to move your organization forward.

By exploring perceptions around products, services and specific customer touchpoints, you’ll better understand the marketplace and your company’s place in it. That insight helps you forecast customer needs and position your organization to meet them.

Access the insights that drive success.

Start gathering data that’s robust, cost-effective and is key to helping your business stay ahead. How far can you go with brand and competitive research services from the MSR Group?

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