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Introducing Manni Insights: A Revolutionary CX Management System.

AI-powered conversational analytics provides an unparalleled profile of your customer service, with the detail you need to isolate problem areas and highlight excellence.

Manni™: Access your CX reality.


 Data Collection | Capture audio data on interactions between customers and your frontline

 AI Powered Analytics | Extract insights into the quality of customer service across core and custom KPI’s

Single Pane of Glass | Visualize your CX reality through our live dashboard.


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Whether a customer visits a branch, uses an ATM, or is using online banking, you can measure every touchpoint, giving you a comprehensive overview of customer satisfaction.

View satisfaction organization-wide, down to how well a single branch is performing in real time, allowing you to pinpoint specific areas for improvement or recognition.

Get alerts of negative experiences and action plans to address and defuse these adverse situations as they happen, as well as recognize where you are exceeding expectations.

This comprehensive approach addresses situations demanding immediate attention and highlights success stories, giving you the guidance you need to achieve long-term goals.

An experienced team focused on helping you improve customer satisfaction.

Your success is our success. With our experienced team dedicated to your business, and action planning tools to guide improvements, The MSR Group is the right partner to elevate your customer satisfaction to new heights.

Our team becomes an extension of yours:

Monitoring results and notifying you of situations that need immediate attention.

Regularly reviewing feedback to identify the customer experience areas that matter most to your customers.

Delivering action plans proven to improve customer satisfaction within the financial industry.

At The MSR Group, we view ourselves as your partner and deliver a level of service that goes above and beyond your typical customer experience program.

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