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Quantitative Market Research Services

The MSR Group takes a unique approach to market research for every single client. We work with you to understand your needs, determine the best research method for your goals, and design the research to effectively collect the data that matters most to you.

Our Approach to Quantitative Research

Quantitative research gives you hard numbers and statistics. When your goal is to count how many or how much or when you want to establish facts, then quantitative research is most appropriate. Quantitative research is used when you clearly know what data you want to find. Learn more about our approach below.

A Collaborative Conversation

We make understanding your intent and the type of data you need to collect our first priority. By doing this, it allows us to provide the best market research services possible for your unique needs.

Research Design

Once we’ve identified your audience, the type of data you need, and your budget, we design the research to achieve all of your goals.

Data Collection & Analysis

We handle the data collection process, organize the data, and analyze it to provide you with easy to understand and actionable insights.

Our Quantitative Research Methods

Data collection is fundamental to market research, but that doesn’t mean it’s always done right or in the way that provides the best insights for your business. Some market research companies specialize in one type of data collection, and that’s what they always recommend. We do things differently.

At the MSR Group, we specialize in a wide range of survey types, allowing us to deliver a custom approach that perfectly meets your needs. Survey methods we specialize in include:

Telephone surveys

Mobile surveys

Mail surveys

Online surveys

Mixed-mode surveys

With our extensive experience conducting these various survey types, we are able to identify the best option or options for you based on your goals and budget.

Quantitative vs. Qualitative Research

Both research methods are highly effective, but these methods need to be used in the right circumstances to deliver best results. Below, we break down the differences between quantitative and qualitative research.

Research StyleQualitativeQuantitative
Research MethodsFocus groups and online communitiesSurveys
Data CollectedSubjective, VerbalObjective, Statistical
Research IntentUnderstand people’s thoughts, reactions, and emotions on a topicGather high level measurable data
ExamplesConducting a focus group to understand people’s reactions to an advertising campaignSurveying public to understand the likelihood of a bill passing

We take pride in making sure you’re conducting the right type of research to gain the data and insights you need. There have been countless occasions when clients have contacted us thinking they need one method, and after learning their goals, we helped steer them to the type of research that would benefit them most.

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