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Be smarter than your competition.

Knowledge is power. It’s the competitive edge that separates businesses that thrive from those that just survive. Every industry can benefit from gaining deeper insights into their customers and employees, improving customer service, or testing ideas before they hit the marketplace.

How can research help you?

As a full-service market research company, we help clients in various industries overcome business challenges in many ways. We’re known for both our custom-designed research, as well as our comprehensive voice of the customer program designed to measure and improve customer satisfaction.

Custom Research

One size doesn’t fit all, that’s why we work with you to identify your research goals and custom design an approach that helps you uncover the exactly the information you need. More than that, we collaborate with you to provide meaningful action steps to put the data to use.

Where our expertise shines.


Advertising Agencies

Your best work is driven by customer insights, and the best way to develop insights is through research. Building on facts makes your creative product better. You can uncover insights before embarking on a new campaign, test concepts with consumers before investing in media, or gather post-campaign analyses.



In a highly regulated industry such as health care, research can uncover important insights into what sets your organization apart. Researching ad concepts, brand awareness, customer behavior, or employee experience can all help ensure you’re meeting the needs of patients, employees, physicians, and other key stakeholders.



Across the competitive retail space, power has shifted to the shopper, where social media and omnichannel expectations are the new normal. Stay ahead of the curve and get the most out of every customer experience with insights into their wants and expectations, along with tools to help your employees improve service interactions.


Contact Centers

No matter what channel you use to connect with customers, you can monitor the metrics that matter to your business. Measure the effectiveness of cross sales efforts, track customer satisfaction, and assess the impact of contact center staff on the overall company brand. With APECS®, our voice of the customer program, you can measure whether your contact center meets – or exceeds – expectations.

APECS® customer satisfaction measurement.

Learn how APECS® can help you improve customer satisfaction, generating more repeat business, increased referrals, and higher revenue.

APECS software screenshot

Go deeper.

Learn more about all the research services available to you, both qualitative and quantitative research, and how they can help your organization succeed.

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