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APECS® customer satisfaction action planning tools.

Measuring customer satisfaction doesn’t do much for an organization if the customer feedback doesn’t result in action. That’s why our action planning tools-which focus on improving satisfaction-are at the core of APECS®, our voice of the customer program.

APECS® identifies areas for improvement.

The feedback we collect through ongoing customer satisfaction surveys gives you an in-depth look at the areas where your organization can improve. In the Performance Monitor, this feedback is shown as an Action Alert.

Action Alerts

These are the negative customer experiences that demand immediate attention. When these situations arise, we make sure your front-line managers are aware of customer concerns and problems and have the ability to track the problem resolution process.

Key Drivers

Key drivers provide a long-term outlook on how to improve customer satisfaction. Every quarter, we identify the attributes that are most influential as consumers form opinions about customer service and other aspects of your business. This allows you to focus your ongoing efforts in the areas that matter most to your customers.

The Idea Bank

The Idea Bank, a best practice sharing module that is built on the knowledge and experience within your organization, houses information from other internal users regarding action steps that have resulted in measureable customer experience improvements. The Idea Bank ranks action steps according to success rate and frequency of use.

A team of experts dedicated to improvement.

Knowing where to take action is one thing, but having a partner to guide you and provide action plans is another. With APECS®, our experienced team is part of the service. We’ve helped countless clients improve customer satisfaction with our hands-on approach. We have tried-and-true methods that we’ve seen help our clients time and time again, and we’ll be at your side to help take your organization’s customer service efforts to new levels.

Get started towards improved customer service.

Get in touch with the MSR Group today to learn more about APECS® and our approach to measuring and improving customer satisfaction. With our experienced, caring team at your side, we deliver the voice of the customer program that will drive meaningful results for your organization.

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