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Product Development

The MSR Group is your partner through the product development process. Our market research expertise helps you understand the biggest product opportunities for your business. With product and concept testing, market segmentation, and geographic marketing profiling, we equip you with everything you need to successfully roll out new products to your consumers.

Product & Concept Testing

Bringing your customers into the product development process allows them to express their personal needs and opinions, while giving you the insights needed to make the right decisions to successfully introduce new products. The benefit is increased share of wallet and happier customers due to addressing unmet needs.

Market Segmentation

Understand the demographic markets you serve and tailor your products, services, and offers to their unique needs. Market segmentation research identifies which groups are most drawn to your brand based on their behaviors. This gives you the power to focus your efforts on the customers that matter most.

Geographic Market Profiling

Understanding the wants, needs, behaviors and satisfaction levels of your current customers in existing markets helps you identify new markets with the greatest potential for success. This information can also be used to target prospective customers near new locations.

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