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Measure and improve your customer experience.

APECS® is a complete voice of the customer program. You can see on-going customer feedback, displayed in an easy-to-use dashboard, along with action planning tools to help you focus on improving customer satisfaction. The result? Increased customer advocacy, retention and increased revenue.
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Service supported by a team.

APECS® isn’t a product, it’s a service backed by the experienced team at the MSR Group. In addition to collecting customer feedback, we’re constantly monitoring that feedback, analyzing trends, identifying issues that require immediate attention, and making recommendations to help you improve.

How APECS® Works.

Within 24 hours of a customer interaction, the MSR Group collects feedback through a variety of survey methodologies.

The APECS Process

Within 24 hours of a customer interaction, the MSR Group collects feedback through a variety of survey methodologies. Customer problems are immediately communicated to your front-line managers and monitored through the Action Alert Problem Resolution Tracking System. This allows managers to follow up with unhappy customers literally overnight. All survey results are compiled and analyzed and results are posted on your Performance Monitor dashboard within 48 hours of the transaction.

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Simple, user-friendly performance monitor.

The Performance Monitor makes keeping up with and understanding customer feedback simple.

The dashboard is the main landing page of the Performance Monitor, and it features several points of information to enable managers to see how their area is performing at a glance. Higher-level managers can access a corporate version of the dashboard to compare performance at various levels of the organization with the corporate average, drilling down to individual reporting unit if desired.

APECS Customer Satisfaction Software Dashboard

While the dashboard provides an instant review of the most important metrics in the customer experience improvement process, a more thorough analysis can be obtained by diving deeper into the Performance Monitor.

An overall satisfaction ranking that compares current satisfaction to the previous year, as well as trends from quarter to quarter

A rolling three-month average provides insight into recent positive or negative trends in customer loyalty and Advocacy (NAR®)


Satisfaction scores for individual locations, makes it easy to identify high and low performing teams

The Performance Monitor provides access to current and historical data, delivering daily scores to the desktops of front-line managers and all authorized management personnel. It is a robust tool with components for action planning, problem resolution tracking, advocacy charting and multiple options for analysis and report downloads.

Action Alerts

When customers share a negative experience, it’s important to know and react quickly. Our Action Alerts notify front-line managers immediately allowing you to address problems in a timely manner.

Magical Moments

The opposite of Action Alerts, Magical Moments keep you informed when customers share positive experiences. These help to boost morale, recognize individuals for their contributions, and reinforce training efforts to improve customer satisfaction.

Key Drivers

Key driver analysis helps your team focus service improvement efforts on the attributes most important to your customers’ experiences. Each quarter, we review survey responses to determine how each survey attribute relates to overall satisfaction and present the results in the Performance Monitor.

Action Plans

Measuring customer satisfaction is meaningless without action. Action plans based on individual experiences provide users with clear step-by-step directions for addressing customer issues. You’ll have multiple options for how to execute this, including accessing the Idea Bank™, a best practice sharing module that is built on the knowledge and experience within your organization.

Once key driver goals have been set and actions identified, the Performance Monitor automatically tracks your managers’ progress until they meet or exceed their designated goals.

Customer satisfaction measurement for:

Financial Institutions

We have extensive experience measuring customer satisfaction across the multiple touch points customers have with banks, helping to improve customer experience.

Utility Companies

Utility companies can benefit greatly from delivering excellent customer service. Learn more about our experience helping utilities companies improve customer satisfaction.

Improve advocacy, retention, and revenue.

Through efforts to improve customer satisfaction, our clients experience increased loyalty and more revenue. These same clients are seeing higher customer advocacy, resulting in more referral business. With the help of our voice of the customer program and our experienced team, your business can experience these same results.

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