Call List Removal

Your Opinion Counts

The MSR Group is a market research company contracted to conduct surveys for clients across the U.S. Our interviewers collect information and opinions about products, services and, in some cases, public and government policy.

How did you get my number?

Telephone numbers are chosen at random either from all available phone numbers or from a list provided to us by our clients. These numbers are not attached to names, addresses or any other personal information.

I’m on the national “Do Not Call” List…

Because we’re not selling anything, The MSR Group is not governed by the “Do Not Call” registry. The “Do Not Call” registry was developed to give the public the option of not being called by telemarketers. The U.S. government has recognized the importance of survey and opinion research and has ruled that legitimate research firms, like The MSR Group, are exempt.

Calling Cell Phones and TCPA Compliance

The federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) forbids anyone (including survey research companies) from calling a cell phone using an automated telephone dialing system (autodialer or predictive dialer) without prior express consent from the respondent.  When cell phone numbers are required for proper sampling and prior consent has not been obtained, The MSR Group uses outbound technology that does not have access to autodialer features. This allows us to reach cell phone respondents safely and in compliance with TCPA regulations.

Remember…we value your opinions, but your participation is strictly voluntary.

What if I don’t want to participate?

We value your opinions, but your participation is strictly voluntary. If you do not want to participate in a particular survey, you may always tell the interviewer so. If you wish to be removed from our calling list for all current projects, please provide your complete telephone number (with area code) in the space below. It is our policy to remove a phone number from our list within 48 hours of a request.

Your phone number was submitted. Thank you