The Importance of Measuring Employee Experience - The MSR Group

We’ve all heard the saying “the customer is always right” at some point in our lives. For many businesses, it has become a mantra for being the company that always offers a great customer experience. But what this saying forgets is that while you’re focusing on customer experience, you may be forgetting about ensuring you offer a positive employee experience.

Employee Experience = Customer Experience

There’s no denying that your customers are an important piece of your business’ success. But where would you be without your employees? Without a great group of employees to provide your services, you wouldn’t have customers to offer an experience to.

When employees aren’t happy, it’s sometimes easily noticeable by a customer, which can then cause that individual to have a negative experience. It’s for this reason that businesses should measure employee’s experiences to see how happy and motivated they are from the beginning to the end of their time with you.

The Best Times to Measure Employee Experience

To best understand and measure employee experience, you’ll need to acquire data from the day they start at your company up until they decide to leave. We believe that there are three specific times during an employee’s tenure at your company that will help you learn the best ways to improve the employee experience. Those times are:

During Onboarding

When a new employee gets started with your company, you’ll want to get a baseline for how they feel and what past experiences they are coming with. The answers provided on these early assessments help you better understand where a certain employee fits best within their role and how you can leverage that into making them happier.

After Major Events

Big events happen at every company. Major acquisitions, layoffs, and employee appreciation gatherings can all have an impact on the people you’ve hired, making for a great opportunity to collect feedback.

Following any of these situations, conducting a short survey can help you better understand how employees feel, their thoughts on the matter, and what you can do to keep improving morale.

Upon Leaving the Company

The final opportunity you’ll have to know if an employee is leaving your company satisfied is during their exit interview. Providing them with a short survey that asks about their feelings on your company, to share their experiences, and to offer any words of wisdom regarding possible updates will give you – the business owner – a chance to learn how you can make your remaining employees happier.

How to Get Started Collecting Employee Experience Data

There are few things we care more about than improving the everyday experience for customers and employees. This led us to developing APECS Workforce. With the help of APECS Workforce, you put your business in a better position to succeed by taking the feedback employees offer and putting it directly toward improving the customers’ experience.

We understand that a happy customer makes for a thriving business. But always remember that with a happy employee, your business could succeed for years to come!

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