Catch them Doing Something Right: The Value of Recognition in the Workplace - The MSR Group

The importance of recognizing great work in your company cannot be overstated. Study after study has demonstrated just how profoundly employees who feel their contributions are being noticed and valued can launch both your workplace engagement and bottom-line productivity, profitability, etc. In many organizations, recognition can be completely absent. In more, it can be left to happen organically. In all, it should be something that everyone, top to bottom, actively seeks to do with systematic regularity.

We have a natural tendency in our professional lives to think that great work will make itself known and appreciated. Whether it’s the presentation that your colleague had to stay up all night to create then delivered with perfection or the high dollar contract one of your business development coworkers inked with a prospect they’d put untold effort bringing to fruition, when good work happens, everyone sees it and those responsible for it are accordingly praised, aren’t they?

The truth is that someone does something each and every day at your company that is pivotal to its success and most all of those contributions go unrecognized.

It’s impractical to think we can catch absolutely everything that deserves a pat on the back or mention in the company newsletter, yet it is not at all a reach to understand that sometimes work that is worthy of recognition will need to be found, rather than waited on. As managers, leaders, and co-workers, regardless of our place in the corporate hierarchy, it is incumbent on us all to consider the direct correlation between a workforce that feels appreciated and one that is successful.

Let’s face it. We’re all busy. For our companies to be competitive in today’s workplace, we all have to be. However, from top to bottom and bottom back up to the top, it’s critical to everyone’s success that we look out for one another – that we set aside time to hunt for good work and tell its producer we see it as such. With regard to the ongoing success of our companies, doing so should be considered part of our jobs, not above and beyond them.

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