Analysis Paralysis: What Is It & How Can You Beat It? - The MSR Group

Making decisions for your business can be a tough task, but it’s something that we all must do. Unfortunately, too often, we get stuck by a bout of analysis paralysis, leaving us to ponder a decision while the possible solution passes by and we’re left back at the start.

There’s a way to beat this, however. If you’re getting stuck making decisions that could benefit your business, consider these solutions.

What Is Analysis Paralysis?

Analysis Paralysis is the inability to make a decision or overthinking a decision, leaving you unable to make a final choice. Getting stuck in this cycle of wanting “more information” leads to long spells of inaction, which can negatively impact your business.

3 Ways to Beat Analysis Paralysis

Simply put, analysis paralysis can be inevitable. We all get stuck when trying to make the best decision, but we don’t have to. Here are three simple ways to beat analysis paralysis and keep your business moving forward!

Develop Multiple Solutions

Decisions often end up getting stuck in analysis paralysis because there are too many voices in the room offering up their own solution, with each one being considered better than the last. Instead of trying to decide which one is best, consider a strategy that implements more than one solution over a period of time between three and six months.

With a slow rollout of solutions, you can take the information you have at your disposal and address the most pressing needs first. This means that the heart of the problem—whether it be employee based or from the customers—can be addressed right away. After that, you can begin to make changes over time with incremental changes that keep everyone happy.

Weigh Each Solution Against the Problem

In the event that multiple solutions may actually create more problems than you already have, leading to worse analysis paralysis, consider weighing your options.

Each solution can carry with it a significant positive and negative effect on your business. With any solution that’s presented, develop a list of pros and cons. This not only helps you cut through the clutter and get to the heart of the matter, but it also helps you find the best solution to whatever ails your business by cutting what you know won’t work.

Additionally, by weighing the options you can better incorporate the analyses you’ve received and use them to your advantage, rather than letting them stop you in your tracks. With each ounce of data you receive and take advantage of, you provide yourself with stronger solutions that can work for you long term.

Understand that “The Perfect Time” Doesn’t Exist

When it comes to getting stuck with analysis paralysis, we often find ourselves looking for “the perfect time” to implement a strategy or make a change. The problem there is that we keep looking, and looking, and looking. We wait for that right moment only to let every moment pass, leaving us with the same issues we’ve been trying to fix. Instead of waiting, just do.

As a business owner, you understand what’s best for your company and “the perfect moment” is always going to be “right now.” Data can change immensely over time, and the longer you wait to implement a change, your chances of making the right move may no longer be the same.

At the MSR Group, we have proudly offered our clients the best information they need to make informed decisions for the business. Through both APECS and APECS Workforce, we can provide you with clear data from customers and employees as to what’s working and what’s not to ensure that you’re always putting your business in the best position to succeed!