Leading Customer Experience Measurement Tool Improves for 2012 - The MSR Group

Omaha, Nebraska January 18, 2012 – The MSR Group, a national market research organization, today announced the release of version 3.2 of its proprietary customer advocacy measurement tool, the APECS® Performance Monitor.

The APECS® Performance Monitor is a proven system to not only measure customer satisfaction and advocacy but also to enable clients to improve service delivery. According to Dick Worick, President of The MSR Group, the newest version includes several enhancements that make APECS® an even more powerful tool for coaching and service improvement. Many of these were developed in conjunction with the company’s large retail banking clients.

Features debuting in the 2012 edition are:

  • A robust Action Plan component where branch managers can identify problem service areas, set goals, outline action steps, and have their progress tracked automatically
  • The Idea Bank™ best practice sharing module to communicate successful action plans for improving scores throughout the organization
  • Longevity reporting so upper-level management can identify at a glance how long each branch has been below average on key driver indicators, making it easy to prioritize coaching and follow-up
  • Additional stack ranking charts, allowing branch managers to identify how their branch compares to everyone in the district/region, plus the average

These enhancements further establish APECS® as unique in the field of customer experience monitoring.

The MSR Group is a nationally recognized full-service market research company. It has been rated one of the world’s top focus group facilities by an international survey of focus group moderators. In addition to providing unprecedented qualitative research, The MSR Group offers a full complement of quantitative methodologies including APECS®, the award-winning customer satisfaction and advocacy measurement program.