Making the Leap: The Importance of Making the Business Case for Employee Engagement - The MSR Group

It’s probably safe to say that the concept of having employees who are engaged in their work is universally accepted as a good thing. However, to drill deeper into that and find consensus across business leaders and decision makers as to exactly how or why employee engagement is important is another matter, entirely. There are those who feel that engaged employees are just happier and therefore foster a culture or atmosphere in which it is nicer to work. Others might say that a high level of employee engagement is good collateral for marketing and recruitment, perhaps by qualifying for a high ranking on a list of “best places to work.” All too uncommon among business leaders is the understanding of the direct correlation between an organization’s proportion of engaged employees and its bottom line. Very simply, the higher the level of engagement among your employees, the more money your organization will make.

There are many and varied approaches to measuring and driving engagement within a given company and too many of them force business leaders to simply make a leap of faith that they will advance actual business outcomes, such as productivity and profitability. This article, which comes from a source that we wouldn’t typically comment on or share, speaks directly to what anyone seeking organizational buy-in for an employee engagement measurement and promotion program should lead with, its monetary benefits.

While this article targets a small business owner audience, the point it makes is a valid one across all companies – there are clear and demonstrable ways in which seeking to make your employees more engaged will almost surely pay for itself, and usually many times over. Those making the final decision about whether to pursue a more engaged workforce will need a universally compelling answer to the why question in order to even start to explore the how.

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