How Does Keeping Up with Technology Improve Customer Satisfaction? - The MSR Group

Making sure that your customers are receiving the level of care that they hope for is difficult without the right technology. As the world is becoming more interconnected, your business needs to make the necessary steps to ensure you have the right technologies in place to keep your customers happy.

Here are three ways that improving your technology can help with your customer satisfaction.

Faster Response Times

One of the best things that technology has provided businesses with, especially in the last decade, is the ability to respond to customer concerns or questions almost instantly. With websites adding in live chat features, messaging with bots that can provide relevant information based on keywords you have in a question, or providing easy outlets to contact you when needed, customers feel better knowing you’re looking to serve them.

It’s important to note that while customers can get in touch with your business, it’s on the business to actually keep the communication quick. The use of these different communication technologies only benefits customer satisfaction if you take the time to maintain response times.

That means making it a priority to set a response time—somewhere between two and five minutes when using a chat feature and up to 24 hours when using simple contact forms—to ensure customers know how long it will be before you get back to them.

Better Individualized Attention

A direct result of providing faster response times through technology is an increase in better addressing individual customers’ needs. Too often, customers are directed to visit an FAQ page or given a vast amount of information that’s not pertinent to their needs. With the option to communicate directly with a representative from your business, customers can have questions answered and get back to their lives quickly.

In addition to getting back to the things they want to be doing, customers will also feel like the issue they’ve experienced is the most important one on your plate. Customers want to know that they are being heard, and when it’s one-on-one or even just quick responses, they may feel more compelled to continue working with your business.

More Access on the Go

If your end goal is to give your customers more ability to contact you, find out information about your business, or make it easier to purchase an item and update their own information, then you need to go mobile. Offering a mobile option for your customers could mean one of two things: your business could either…

  • Build a mobile website
  • Create a mobile app

With the vast majority of today’s customers being constantly connected to their mobile devices, simple options like having a website that’s easily accessible on phones or an app can give your customers more chances to use your services from anywhere. This is important when trying to improve customer satisfaction. The easier it is to accomplish a task—without having to visit your business in person—leads to happier customers.

Keeping customers satisfied is always difficult, but technology has changed the way you can keep up with their needs. If your business isn’t sure how your customers currently feel about your services, APECS from The MSR Group can help you better measure how your customers perceive your business, as well as provide you with the feedback you need to succeed.