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It’s all about the data…but more importantly it’s about the customer.

As someone who loves data and the insights that can be gleaned from data, it is an exciting time – especially for utilities.

For utilities that have taken that step to install smart meters, there is a wealth of data that can be used to inform customers of their usage patterns.  While the verdict is still out whether or not customers will fully engage and use the data collected, utilities can position themselves as being that trusted advisor to educate them on what the data is telling them.  More importantly, what’s in it for the customer.

By engaging customers with information on their energy usage along with tips to manage and reduce their consumption, the customer begins to develop a higher level of trust for their utility partner.  This trust can lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction.  Utilities should look for opportunities to engage customers in the conversation on energy usage.  This can be done through the channel of their choice, such as email, the utility website or mobile apps.  It needs to be easy for the customer to access the information and the utility should provide recommendations.   The ability to engage customers and demonstrate the value of the data is an important step in building the customers trust in the utility.

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