Are B2B Buyers the same as B2C buyers when it comes to emotions? - The MSR Group

When marketing and selling to a business, the vendor considers several factors.  Does the product or service have the features the potential customer needs?  Is the product and service priced competitively?  Will it be easy for the potential customers to get the product or service?  These are a few of the questions asked and answered in order to get a prospective buyer to make a purchase.  What is also assumed is the B2B buyer will make the decision to buy based on a logical, economical, or rational decisioning process.

But wait, aren’t B2B buyers human beings, too. Yes, they are.  Human means that emotions play an important role and are weaved into all aspects of their life. You shouldn’t expect that because the buyer is making a business decision, he/she will remove any or all emotions from the buying process.  B2B buyers are just as influenced by emotions as B2C buyers are.  Which emotions may be the only difference.

Understanding the emotions that are tied to your products and services and the ones that your buyers may identify with can make a big difference in your marketing and selling efforts.  The author shares his perspective on which emotions play a role in the decision-making process.

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