Start Engaging Customers through Online Research Communities - The MSR Group

Many companies are turning to research communities to test concepts, get ideas and gain a better understanding of their customer base. These private online panels of customers or prospects interact with each other and with company representatives on an ongoing basis. The potential for insight is great, but the most successful communities start with a clear understanding of goals and thoughtful strategies for gaining relevant information. This post from Customer Think discusses how to leverage online communities within your organization.

Online customer communities and member communities deliver tangible benefits to organizations—ranging from improving customer retention and satisfaction to lowering support costs and recruiting more customer advocates. Despite this growing popularity, many organizations are still struggling to get from the “why” to the “what” of build a successful community strategy. Often, people hear about active online customer or member communities in their industry or they see competitors launching online community strategies. However, they have trouble getting from “we should look into doing this” to “here is how our organization can leverage these type of strategies.”

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The MSR Group can work with you to build an online community customized to your specific target. We’ll help you decide who to invite and what type of segmentation to use for specific research topics that interest you. You spend your time capitalizing on the research insights while we handle the implementation and management details. Contact us today if you’d like to know more about this exciting research technology.