How Research Increases Success of Package and Product Redesigns - The MSR Group
Research prevents package design mistakesIt’s simple: your employees and executives are not your customers. That’s never more important to remember than when you’re ready to go to market with a new product, package or pricing strategy. At The MSR Group, we work with clients to increase their launch success by testing ideas and getting consumers’ hands-on experience prior to rollout. In this article, Stuart Leslie discusses why in the end, it’s faster and cheaper to go slow and invest more upfront to make sure you understand the customer perspective.

“There’s nothing that stops innovation faster in its tracks than a bad consumer experience. Many times these experiences are directly tied to the consumer’s interaction with the brand’s packaging. For example, brand teams may think they are doing something good (for the environment or for their consumers), but they may actually be doing damage to the brand. If the change negatively impacts the consumer’s experience, then your best intention has gone horribly wrong.”

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