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We take tremendous pride in our work, and we evaluate our success by yours. At the MSR Group, we are focused on helping you achieve whatever your goals are, not just providing you with data. See the many ways in which we’ve helped our clients in the testimonials below.

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The MSR Group’s APECS® system is key to supporting Bank of the West’s sales and service culture. It puts relevant metrics together with specific steps the National Finance Group can take to improve the customer’s borrowing experience. We’re able to be consumer- and dealer-centric, so we’re delivering the highest quality service while growing our business at the same time. That’s a win-win.

– Susan Strong, Sales Strategy Manager VP
National Finance Group, Bank of the West

At Bank of the West, we’re laser focused on providing our customers with the best customer service possible. To that end, our relationship with The MSR Group began with measurement of our retail branch network. Using Net Advocacy had such a positive impact on our ability to measure customer satisfaction that we began adding more lines of business to the APECS® dashboard. Today we’re gathering feedback throughout the organization to give us a true holistic picture of how well we’re serving our customers, and we’re very pleased with the results.

– Duane Duck, Sales Strategy Manager SVP 
Retail Banking Group, Bank of the West

Over many years, it’s been my pleasure to be associated with The MSR Group for complex hybrid qual/quant work involving the use of audience response technology. Typically these projects involve many moving parts, and as the coordinator and executor of these studies, I am always pleased to work with The MSR Group because I know they are capable of setting up, conducting and delivering results, each time, every time, despite the inevitable eleventh hour obstacles. The MSR Group is the first company I call for such projects and frankly, the only company I really want to work with. I trust them implicitly. All of the personnel I have dealt with over the years have been top-notch, skilled, professional and highly pleasant and accommodating.

– Sheila Reilly, Moderator 
Reilly Group

In working with The MSR Group, I’m confident my company is getting good data, it’s turned around quickly and the reports are quality and consistent so everyone in my organization knows what to expect. From a personal perspective, I like working with MSR because I appreciate having somebody I feel is my partner. My research consultant is always responsive when I have a question or problem and is very proactive about making sure our surveys are consistent and we reach the necessary quotas for our projects. I trust him to make sure we’re spending our money wisely and reporting the results the way they need to be reported. I would recommend The MSR Group for any kind of quantitative research. In the work we’ve done together, I haven’t found anything they haven’t been good at!

– Consumer Research Project Manager
National Retailer

We believe our service delivery differentiates us from the competition. The MSR Group helps us to quantify that to employees in the branches and the call center so they understand what’s expected of them and how to improve. I consider that relationship very valuable.

– Customer Research Manager
Large Regional Bank

I’ve conducted focus groups in dozens of facilities across the country, and The MSR Group stands apart. Its outstanding staff, top-quality respondent database, and state-of-the-art facility make it our top choice when doing political research in the Midwest.

– Dan Judy, Executive Vice President
Ayres, McHenry & Associates

The first thing that APECS® gives me and my managers is transparency into what’s happening on the frontline. The APECS® Performance Monitor allows my people to not only see the results every morning but to go back and follow up with those customers who have raised a red flag and said, “Hey, there’s a problem here and we need something resolved to make the experience with your bank better.” And so I think the reality of having somebody else take care of all that for us from a reporting standpoint allows us to just worry about “How do we fix it?” and “How do we make things better?” The Performance Monitor allows for that; it allows us to drill down and manage the customer expectations in responding to them. It gives a tremendous insight into what customers are saying and – more importantly – how to improve on the level of service we provide.

– Mark Borrecco, Chief Executive Officer 

Working with The MSR Group feels effortless because they execute research requests with efficiency and attention to detail. Their consumer recruiting, in particular, has operated seamlessly and is one of their greatest strengths. It is a pleasure to work with them because their effectiveness makes my job easier.

– Ruth Waters, Director of Strategic Insights 
ConAgra Foods

When we talked about who was going to manage our customer survey program, we did a lot of research and talked to quite a few folks and it came back to “the product is great, but more importantly the people that we deal with are fantastic.” For me, the team at The MSR Group has made my life significantly easier but has also made my customer experience significantly better. We have a product that works with a team that’s engaged and willing to do whatever they can to make our customer experience better. It’s a perfect situation and we’re very happy with that relationship.

– National Sales Manager, Retail Banking
Large Regional Bank

We have worked with The MSR Group to plan and field our healthcare research projects for more than ten years now. We have an excellent collaborative relationship and I see them as a partner, not a vendor – I’d never think of them that way. We think together, we solve problems together and I see them as an extension of our marketing team. The trust level is very high. Once you have a partner like this, that you can trust and that’s doing fantastic work, there’s no reason to ever change.

– Jerry Hobbs, Vice President 
Prairie Dog | TCG

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