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Alumni Engagement Index

Our MSR Alumni Engagement Index is the single best predictor of wiliness to donate.

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About the AEI

The MSR Alumni Engagement Index (AEI) is the best way to learn deeper information about alumni preferences and identify those most likely to donate. Our engagement index assesses your alumni across key dimensions that capture their sense of pride and commitment to your school and how likely they are to donate in the next six months.  It also answers specific questions about which campus organizations they would consider donating to, what type of events they would most likely attend, and the extent they are likely to become involved in peer-to-peer fundraising efforts.

How it works

The MSR Group uses its patented total design approach when tailoring the AEI program to your specific needs.  As a full-service market research company, in business for over 70 years, we use a combination of mobile, web, telephone, text, mail. Our total design approach ensures you receive the highest response rates from all your important alumni groups including consistent donors, lapsed donors, dual alumni households, alumni who have attended events but never donated, and those who have never donated.

Learn More About APECS®

Watch this video to learn more about APECS® and how it can help your business.

Why Us?

We are leaders in using mobile, text and even AI to collect Alumni Engagement Information.

We know that an important component of the total design approach is the option to talk directly with your alumni over the phone.  That’s why we own and operate our own call center here in Omaha, Nebraska.   Owning our own call center ensures you have Mid-west based, expertly trained, sensitive listeners and interviewers talking with your Alumni.  Our interviewers are MSR’s secret weapon to routinely obtaining response rates of over 20%, almost 5 times the alumni research industry standard. Our AEI Program includes:


An overall satisfaction ranking that compares current satisfaction to the previous year, as well as trends from quarter to quarter


A rolling three-month average provides insight into recent positive or negative trends in Alumni Satisfaction


Satisfaction scores for individual Schools, makes it easy to identify high and low performing areas.


 User-friendly Insights

Whether you wish to measure alumni engagement once or twice a year or on an ongoing basis, we display your data on a cloud based dashboard that immediately identifies the most important information up front, allows you to slice and dice the data as you see fit and provides comparisons to past measurement. Our AEI reporting platform can alert you to “magical moments”–extremely positive alumni interactions you can capture and use for training or advertising materials, as well as “action alerts” when an alumni would like some type of immediate follow up. 

Action Alerts

When alumni share a negative experience, it’s important to know and react quickly. Our Action Alerts notify relations managers immediately allowing you to address problems in a timely manner.

Magical Moments

The opposite of Action Alerts, Magical Moments keep you informed when alumni share positive experiences. These help to boost morale, recognize individuals for their contributions, and reinforce training efforts to improve alumni engagement.

Key Drivers

Key driver analysis helps your team focus service improvement efforts on the attributes most important to your alumni’s experiences. Each quarter, we review survey responses to determine how each survey attribute relates to overall satisfaction and present the results in the Performance Monitor.

Action Plans

Measuring alumni satisfaction is meaningless without action. Action plans based on individual experiences provide users with clear step-by-step directions for addressing customer issues. You’ll have multiple options for how to execute this, including accessing the Idea Bank™, a best practice sharing module that is built on the knowledge and experience within your organization.