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Our experienced team is focused on not only uncovering valuable insights, but providing actionable recommendations to improve your organization.

APECS® | Measure & Improve Customer Experience

APECS® is the complete voice of the customer program. APECS® collects on-going customer feedback, displays and prioritizes that feedback in a simple dashboard, and includes the action planning tools you need to focus on improving customer satisfaction. The end result? Increased customer advocacy and retention and increased revenue!

How APECS Works

Within 24 hours of a customer transaction, The MSR Group collects feedback through a variety of survey methodologies.

The APECS Process

Within 24 hours of a customer transaction, The MSR Group collects feedback through a variety of survey methodologies. Customer problems are immediately communicated to your front-line managers and monitored through the Action Alert Problem Resolution Tracking System. This allows managers to follow up with unhappy customers literally overnight. All survey results are compiled and analyzed and results are posted on your Performance Monitor dashboard within 48 hours of the transaction.

The Performance Monitor provides access to current and historical data, delivering daily scores to the desktops of front-line managers and all authorized management personnel. It is a robust tool with components for action planning, problem resolution tracking, advocacy charting and multiple options for analysis and report downloads.

Action Alerts

When customers share a negative experience, it’s important to know and react quickly. Our Action Alerts notify front-line managers immediately allowing you to address problems in a timely manner.

Magical Moments

Opposite of Action Alerts, Magical Moments keep you informed when customers share positive experiences. These help to boost morale, recognize individuals for their contributions, and reinforce training efforts to improve customer satisfaction.

Key Drivers

Key driver analysis helps your team focus their service improvement efforts on the attributes most important to your customers’ experiences and other aspects of your business. Each quarter, we review survey responses to determine how each survey attribute relates to overall satisfaction and present the results in the Performance Monitor.

Action Plans

Measuring customer satisfaction is meaningless without action. Action plans based on individual experiences provide users with clear step-by-step directions for addressing customer issues. You’ll have multiple options for how to execute this, including accessing the Idea Bank™, a best practice sharing module that is built on the knowledge and experience within your organization.

Once key driver goals have been set and actions identified, the Performance Monitor automatically tracks your managers’ progress until they meet or exceed their designated goals.

Learn More About APECS®

Watch this video to learn more about APECS® and how it can help your business.

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Employee Experience

Employee feedback provides valuable information at many levels. Your employees have a unique perspective on how well your organization serves customers. Getting to know more about the interactions between employees and customers from the employee perspective, is valuable information that can create a better work environment and improve your customers’ experience. We have several offerings to meet your needs.


Field Services

Looking to conduct research in the Midwest? MSR Group is the perfect partner, and Omaha is the perfect market. We offer state-of-the-art facilities and have a large, quality database that we recruit participants from. For conducting research in Omaha, MSR Group is the trusted choice.


Brand Research

MSR Group’s brand research services are designed to help you put your organization in the best position to succeed. With research services including advertising effectiveness and creative testing, brand awareness measurement, market share and share of wallet analysis, and competitor tracking, we’re your trusted partner to boost your marketing efforts.


Product Development

MSR Group is your partner through the product development process. Our market research expertise helps you understand the biggest product opportunities for your business. With product and concept testing, market segmentation, and geographic marketing profiling, we equip you with everything you need to successfully roll out new products to your consumers.

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