Start by asking the right questions.

The way you ask a question makes a big difference in the results you get.

Data collection is a fundamental activity in market research, but that doesn’t mean it’s always done right… or in the way that provides the most insight for your business. Some market research companies specialize in one type of data collection and that’s what they always recommend; we have a different approach.

Telephone Surveys
When you conduct a telephone survey with The MSR Group, your project stays right here – from the initial consultation, through the survey process, to data processing and analysis.
Why don’t we outsource? Because we optimize quality control by using our own highly trained, professional interviewers. We understand the value of your brand and when we’re calling on your behalf, you can be confident you’re well-represented. All calls are conducted from our 250-station state-of-the-art CATI telecenter in Omaha, Nebraska, where we have over 30 years of experience conducting public opinion polling for consumer and business-to-business research nationwide.

IVR Surveys
IVR (Interactive Voice Response) surveys use an automated phone system, rather than a professional interviewer, to deliver the survey script. IVR surveys are a cost-effective alternative for short surveys to capture the true voice of the customer. We offer both inbound and outbound IVR surveys and can discuss these options with you to determine if they fit your needs.

Online Surveys
Online surveys add a different level of interactivity for participants, as they enable visual presentation of information. This format is often used to test advertising concepts, package designs or logos. Using the latest software, The MSR Group can develop online surveys that are simple or complex, and customized to your brand. Participants can be recruited by email, mail or phone. Plus, we follow up with those that have not responded (or those that began the survey, but didn’t finish it) to encourage completion.

Mobile Surveys
Mobile surveys are online surveys customized for operation on mobile phones, smart phones and touch tablets. Once the device type is detected, the survey format is adapted for maximum usability and data integrity. Mobile surveys can operate via the device browser, or they can operate in standalone mode using an application installed on the device.

Mail Surveys
While not as common as they used to be, mail surveys may still be an effective option for you, depending on the audience you are trying to reach and the information you are collecting. We can mail surveys to your participants that include return mail response forms or a URL where they may complete the survey online.

Mixed-Mode Surveys
For added flexibility and to increase respondent cooperation rates, we can work with you on appropriate ways to combine any of these methodologies. While mixing methodologies can effectively solve sampling problems and issues, it also has the potential to introduce flaws to the analysis process. Our consultants can help guide you through this process to ensure accurate data results.

We offers a variety of methodologies, and has a team of experts that will help you choose a solution to best meet your particular needs. We also provide analytical support and strategic recommendations that make the collected information truly usable.