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We Help Financial Institutions Measure & Improve Customer Experience

MSR Group has an extensive track record of helping banks improve customer satisfaction. APECS® measures the service experience across all business lines, identifies your customers’ needs and expectations, and provides actionable recommendations to help your front-line make real improvements.

APECS®: A Voice of the Customer Program Tailor-Made for Banks

The customer experience is crucial in banking. Great experiences lead to repeat business and referral business. Poor experiences result in lost customers. With MSR Group, you have a partner that extensively understands the industry and a voice of the customer program built to accommodate all of a bank’s needs.

APECS software screenshot

Whether a customer visits a branch, uses an ATM, or is using online banking, we measure every touchpoint to provide you with a comprehensive overview of customer satisfaction.

Our system allows you to view satisfaction at an organizational level down to how well a single branch is performing. This allows you to pinpoint areas for improvement.

We alert you of negative experiences and provide action planning tools to help you address and defuse these situations.

We take a comprehensive approach to address situations that need immediate attention while working with you to create positive trends and achieve long-term goals.

Improve Advocacy, Retention, & Revenue

Through efforts to improve customer satisfaction, our clients experience increased loyalty and more revenue. These same clients are seeing higher customer advocacy, resulting in more referral business.. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help you to achieve the same results as so many of our banking clients.

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