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APECS® | Measure & Improve Customer Experience

APECS® is the complete voice of the customer program.  APECS® collects on-going customer feedback, displays and prioritizes that feedback in a simple dashboard, and includes the action planning tools you need to focus on improving customer satisfaction. The end result? Increased customer advocacy and retention and increased revenue!

Learn More About APECS®

Watch this video to learn more about APECS® and how it can help your business.

A Service & Team Focused on Improvement

Collecting customer feedback on its own isn’t worth much. What makes our voice of the customer program so unique and powerful is that it’s laser-focused on helping our clients improve customer experience, and we have a track record of succeeding in this area.

Our team plays a crucial role. APECS® isn’t a product. It’s a service backed by the experienced team at MSR Group. In addition to collecting customer feedback, we’re constantly monitoring that feedback, analyzing trends, identifying instances that require immediate attention, and designing action plans to help you improve.

How APECS Works

Collection of Customer Feedback

MSR Group designs a customer feedback survey to gather the most important information for your business. We then collect customer feedback on an ongoing basis to both measure long-term customer satisfaction and identify experiences that need immediate attention. All feedback is collected within 24 hours of the customer’s experience with your business.

Action Alerts

When customers share a negative experience, it’s important to know and react quickly. Our Action Alerts notify front-line managers immediately allowing you to address problems in a timely manner.

Magical Moments

Opposite of Action Alerts, Magic Moments keep you informed when customers share positive experiences. These help to boost morale, recognize individuals for their contributions, and reinforce training efforts to improve customer experience.

Key Drivers

The team at MSR Group is monitoring your feedback on an ongoing basis. Each quarter, we review survey responses to determine how each survey attribute relates to overall experience. This allows you to know the most critical areas to focus on in your customer service efforts.

Action Plans

Measuring customer experience is meaningless without action. Action plans based on individual experiences provide users with clear step-by-step directions for addressing customer issues. You’ll have multiple options for how to execute this, including accessing the Idea Bank™, a best practice sharing module that is built on the knowledge and experience within your organization.

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