Retain Customers

Understand your customers’ ongoing relationships.

Customer retention isn’t something you think about when customers are on their way out the door; it’s part of the ongoing relationship you build with them every day. Customer retention starts on day one. That means understanding their needs and exceeding their expectations.  Here is a sample of our service offerings:

Lapsed Customer Studies – Identifying the reasons customers leave is the first step in preventing others from doing so. With this information, you can improve poor performance areas and develop reactivation programs.

Product/Concept Testing – New products or services that fulfill a previously unmet need can increase retention of current customers. Asking customers for their opinions creates a sense of ownership and strengthens relationships, while providing feedback that guides business decisions.

Customer Loyalty and Advocacy Measurement – Customers with higher levels of loyalty and advocacy are more likely to continue to do business with your company. Tracking these metrics gives you an understanding of how committed your current customers are. Having an established program in place can give you tools to manage and improve results, thereby increasing retention.

Helping companies build stronger relationships with their customers is one of our specialties. Read more about our APECS® Customer Satisfaction Measurement program.