Measure Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied customers mean more business success. How do yours feel?

It’s no secret: Satisfied customers are good for your business and your bottom line. Investing in a program that allows you to track customer satisfaction and address concerns as they arise delivers multiple payoffs. We’d love to talk to you about it – we’ve been helping companies improve their customer experience for years. Here is a sample of our service offerings.

Transaction Based Programs – Get customers’ reaction to a specific, recent interaction with your brand. This allows you to both troubleshoot issues and recognize employees who are providing top-notch service. Read about our APECS® Customer Satisfaction Measurement program for details.

Relationship Based Programs – For a broader perspective, ask customers to assess their experience with your brand based on multiple experiences. This provides a more general assessment of how they perceive your service.

Website Usability Testing – As more of your customers move to online channels, monitor their satisfaction levels and incorporate feedback into your development process. Measure perceptions of the ease of navigation, look and feel, content, speed and reliability to find opportunities to improve your service delivery.

Longitudinal Research – As prices and fees change, it’s important to monitor the effect on key segments of your database. To measure the impact of your programs and business decisions, track the same customers’ perceptions over time.

Internal Customer Satisfaction – Customer perceptions aren’t the only ones that affect your organization’s success. Assess the satisfaction of internal stakeholders such as franchisees and internal customers of shared services to find opportunities for improvement and ensure that you are clearly communicating your brand.

Contact us to learn more about customer and employee feedback.  We would love tell you more.