Grow Customer Base

Find ways to increase business from your current customers.

Your greatest source of increased business is likely right in front of you: your current customer base. Uncovering insights about your existing customers' needs and wants can lead to an increase in their business that has lasting benefits for your organization. Here is a sample of our service offerings:

Market Share and Share of Wallet Analysis – Where else are your customers spending their money? Identify where you stand in relation to your competitors and see your potential for capturing additional business from your existing customer base.

Competitive Intelligence – Understanding what your competitors are doing well from the customer's perspective helps guide your own internal business strategy. This type of research identifies both opportunities and threats.

Product/Concept Testing – New products and services can increase your share of wallet and strengthen your customers' relationship with you. Inviting current and prospective customers to test new products increases their involvement with your company and brands.

Geographic Market Profiling – Understanding the wants, needs, behaviors and satisfaction levels of your current customers helps you identify new markets with the greatest potential for success. This information can also be used to target prospective customers near the new locations.

Learn more about our qualitative and quantitative approaches.