Capture Employee Feedback

Gain powerful insights from your most valuable resource: your employees.

Employee feedback is an important source of information, but without a formal program in place, it’s often lost. Approaching this unique population with the right tools and techniques helps you get the information you need and prepares you to respond to problems and concerns that exist. You’ll create a more positive climate for your workforce, as well. Here is a sample of our service offerings.

Employee Engagement – Measuring employees’ commitment to your organization, their feelings about their work and their understanding of your corporate values provides insight into your managers’ effectiveness and your overall culture. You can use this information to identify unmet needs and develop strategies for communication and business planning.

Employee Onboarding – New employees have a fresh perspective on your organization, in addition to valuable experience at other companies that can be used to your advantage. Onboarding surveys provide insight into the effectiveness of your recruiting and selection processes and your new-hire orientation and training programs.

Exit Surveys – Turnover is expensive, and excessive turnover has an impact on both your organization’s reputation and your remaining workforce’s morale. Exit surveys help you identify the reasons why high-value employees choose to leave so you can address them proactively.

Event-driven – Significant organizational events or changes affect employees in different ways. Surveys conducted around these events can track attitudes and help drive communication strategies.

Employee Perceptions of the Customer Experience – Your employees have a unique perspective on how well your organization serves customers.  APECS® Workforce surveys include a robust set of questions focused on this topic. APECS actually allows you to link employee feedback with customer feedback, turning it into targeted actions to improve your customers’ experience.