Online Communities

Engage Customers on a Whole New Level.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a group of customers you could go to anytime you wanted to float an idea or get opinions?

That’s what research communities are for.

With a research community, you have a private online panel of customers or prospects interacting with each other and with you on an ongoing basis. You’ll gain insights into how they think, how they feel and how they speak. All that helps you make better informed decisions, allowing your company to stay nimble and relevant in the marketplace.

We can work with you to build an online community customized to your specific target. We’ll help you decide who to invite and what type of segmentation to use for specific research topics that interest you. Use it to test product or advertising concepts, explore expansion opportunities, crowd source ideas and more.

We make your panel a cost effective way to get quick answers. You spend your time capitalizing on the research insights while we handle the details of panel incentives, engagement, survey drafting, qualitative moderating and quality control.

Want to learn more about whether this exciting research technology will work for you? Contact us and we’ll be glad to talk about the best ways to meet your quantitative and qualitative research needs.