The APECS® Process

It’s important to keep tabs on your NAR® because it is a key metric for your business. APECS® helps you manage this by establishing a dual process: You get both the required feedback to address immediate customer service issues and the tools to set goals and chart progress toward long-term goals.

Here’s how it works:
Within 24 hours of a customer transaction, The MSR Group collects feedback through a variety of survey methodologies. Customer problems are immediately communicated to your front-line managers and monitored through the Action Alert Problem Resolution Tracking System. This allows managers to follow up with unhappy customers literally overnight. All survey results are compiled and analyzed and results are posted on your Performance Monitor dashboard within 48 hours of the transaction. APECS® gives you – and more importantly, your front-line managers – actionable, easy-to-understand information to improve the customer experience.

Quantitative Customer Feedback and Measurement Program