Performance Monitor

The Performance Monitor provides clients convenient, user-friendly access to current and historical data, delivering daily scores to the desktops of front-line managers and all authorized management personnel. It is a robust tool with components for action planning, problem resolution tracking, advocacy charting and multiple options for analysis and report downloads.

APECS Performance Monitor Dashboard

The dashboard is the main landing page of the Performance Monitor and it features several points of information to enable managers to see how their area is performing at a glance. Higher-level managers can access a corporate version of the dashboard to compare performance of various levels of the organization with the corporate average, drilling down to individual reporting unit if desired.

The APECS® dashboard

An overall ranking
of how an individual location compares in performance to its region or district

A rolling three-month average indicating positive or negative trends of your customer's level of loyalty and Advocacy (the Net Advocacy Rating or NAR®)

An overall satisfaction rating indicating how well current satisfaction levels compare to the previous year and trending that plots performance quarter by quarter

Action Alert status revealing how many customer problems or issues need immediate attention as well as the status of the resolution process for all customer complaints

Key Driver analysis that indicates how well a location is performing on service attributes that have the strongest impact on overall satisfaction.