APECS® Workforce

Happier employees lead to better experiences for customers and ultimately better business results.

It’s a philosophy we believe in based on our years of customer experience measurement. Because of that background, our solution goes beyond the traditional employee engagement programs others may offer.  Here’s how APECS® Workforce can help your company across the employee lifecycle:

  • Onboarding Surveys provide insight into the effectiveness of your new-hire orientation and training.
  • Annual Employee Engagement Surveys present a total organizational view of the engagement, satisfaction and loyalty of your workforce.
  • Pulse Employee Engagement Surveys offer an opportunity to track your progress on employee experience improvement efforts.
  • Event-Driven Surveys allow you to gauge employee reactions to significant organizational events or changes.
  • Exit Surveys help you understand the reasons high-value employees leave to work elsewhere.

By providing multiple points to engage employees in the feedback process, APECS® Workforce helps you strengthen your commitment to gathering and acting on the opinions and perceptions of your employees.

APECS® Performance Monitor

APECS® Workforce further enhances the capabilities of the APECS® Performance Monitor by incorporating a further level of feedback. Results from many of the employee surveys executed through this program can be incorporated into the Performance Monitor.

Employee Perceptions of the Customer Experience 

Most traditional employee engagement surveys include a small number of survey questions to assess employee perceptions of their organization’s overall service orientation. However, this can be a missed opportunity. To help you take full advantage of the unique perspective employees have regarding the customer experience, APECS® Workforce surveys include a robust set of questions focused on employee perceptions of specific elements of the customer experience. By maximizing linkage with customer feedback, APECS® Workforce helps you turn your employees’ feedback into targeted actions to improve your customers’ experience.

Ongoing Employee Feedback Regarding the Customer Experience 

The effort required to plan for and to act upon traditional employee engagement surveys leads most organizations to only collect annual feedback from employees. To help you utilize employees as a listening post for customer issues, APECS® Workforce provides continuous opportunities for service employees to provide feedback about the customer experience. By capturing employee input on an ongoing basis, APECS® Workforce helps you identify and address customer issues before they reach a critical state.