Action Alerts

Research has shown that the more quickly a company addresses an upset customer's concerns, the more likely it is to restore, or even enhance, its relationship with the customer.

APECS Action Alert

Action Alerts component of the APECS®  customer experience measurement program was designed to boost your service recovery efforts. This feature provides both immediate notification of front-line managers about customer concerns and problems and the ability to track the problem resolution process.

As customers are surveyed, any dissatisfactory experience is noted and an Action Alert email is sent to your organization within 24 hours. You receive the details of the concern, in the customer's own words, along with contact information. For telephone surveys, APECS® offers true "voice of the customer" by incorporating the actual audio from customer interviews into Action Alerts (for those customers who have agreed to be identified). When a problem needs to be addressed, it's often helpful to hear the original conversation and the tone of the customer's voice prior to handling the resolution.

In addition to alerting your designated staff by email, all Action Alerts are automatically entered into your Performance Monitor where you can track and manage progress at a glance. The Problem Resolution Tracking System allows you to:

  • Designate problem status with easy-to-understand, color-coded symbols.
    Change the status of an Action Alert and add comments, providing a running data trail.
    Follow the progress of specific alerts, sorting by date or status.
    Identify key problem areas by viewing Summary Reports that show the percentage of Action Alerts by category.

Magical Moments

While resolving customer concerns is a priority, it is also important to receive positive feedback from your customers. The Magical Moments feature of APECS® is the opposite of the Action Alert feature. Magical Moments provides notification that a customer reported his or her experience to be above and beyond expectations.

When a customer praises the organization or an individual, it's rewarding to share those comments (directly from the customer), both as a kudo and to reinforce your training concepts with the team.