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We Help Utility Companies Measure & Improve Customer Satisfaction

Utility companies need to do more than provide a service for their customers. They need to form strong relationships and be viewed as a partner. With our personalized, hands-on approach to measuring customer satisfaction and our action plans to improve satisfaction scores, MSR Group is the trusted option that utility companies turn to.

A Human Approach to Customer Satisfaction Measurement

We’re not a software company. We’re a people company.

APECS Customer Satisfaction Measurement, our satisfaction measurement service, is much more than a platform that displays satisfaction scores. To truly provide voice of the customer insights, MSR Group takes a truly comprehensive and personalized approach to customer satisfaction measurement. Our approach includes:

A comprehensive customer feedback process that accounts for every type of interaction a customer would have with your company, including email, phone call, online or in-person interaction.

A wide range of customer satisfaction measurement methods, including both qualitative and quantitative research methods to alert you of experiences that deserve immediate attention, as well as a long-term overview of your customers’ thoughts about their experiences.

Our in-house experts personally review open-ended customer feedback to provide you with the true meaning of that feedback rather than relying on keyword associations, which can be inaccurate. This allows you to pinpoint negative reviews, get the feedback in the hands of those on the front lines, and handle issues in a timely manner.

APECS®: Customer Satisfaction Measurement & Improvement Simplified

APECS® makes collecting, evaluating, and taking action on customer feedback easy.

With a user-friendly dashboard, key driver analysis highlighting the most important takeaways and actionable next steps, APECS® provides exactly what you need to quickly and simply evaluate customer feedback and take action.

Extensive Experience Helping Utilities Companies Improve Customer Satisfaction

Our team has worked with numerous utilities companies that use our voice of the customer program to help identify customer service strengths and weaknesses and build action plans based on those insights. We’d love to talk with you about your utilities business and share what makes our team such a powerful ally. Get in touch with us today!

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