Research fuels informed decision-making.

There are some industries where organizations don’t attract attention until they stop providing something. If you work in utilities, you’ve probably experienced this firsthand.

Customers expect their lights and heat to come on at a flick of a switch. When this doesn’t happen, the way the situation is resolved has a big impact on their overall impression of the utility provider. That’s where problem management comes into play. An established customer feedback program, like APECS®, can identify what’s going well and where you need to improve.

We work with utility companies to provide insight into how well they are managing interactions in all types of situations. This may be gathering customer opinions regarding how outages are handled or asking for feedback about the payment or account transfer processes.

Customer service matters regardless of your type of business. However, when your industry involves arguing at public hearings for rate increases to effectively run your operations, a strong service record is vital. In states where gas and/or electric service is deregulated, service quality becomes even more important in the competition for customers.  An established customer feedback program, like APECS®, can inform, transform and help you perform your services better.

Whether you’re evaluating your service, interested in consumer opinions about renewable energy, or tracking your brand positioning in the marketplace, we can help find the information you need. Our consultants can develop a custom qualitative or quantitative research program to guide your decision-making.