No red tape – just the healthcare research you need to build your strategic plans.

Saying healthcare is a rapidly changing field is a bit of an understatement. With new regulations, consolidation, consumer confusion, political wrangling and an increased demand for quality service across the board, this is a time of opportunity and challenge.

Healthcare systems are taking a close look at the services they provide, seeking ways to improve every touch point and to maximize both operational efficiency and quality of patient care.

We can help you uncover important insights into what sets your organization apart from the competition and ensure you're meeting the needs of patients, employees, physicians and other key stakeholders. If there are areas you can improve, we'll identify them and provide recommendations to help you develop strategic plans.

MSR Group healthcare market research

We have worked with hospitals, insurance companies, home health care agencies, healthcare marketing firms, pharmaceutical companies, nonprofits and other support programs on a wide variety of research projects.  Here is a sample of our service offerings:

Brand Awareness and Recognition
Patient Feedback Surveys
Internal Customer Satisfaction Studies
Medical Research Studies
Employee Engagement
Advertising Effectiveness/Creative Testing

Everyone your organization comes into contact with has needs and their own perceptions of how you're meeting them – or falling short. Are you doing a better job than your competitors are? We can help you find out. Learn more about the work we do in our qualitative and quantitative research studies.