Customer Experience Comes Big and Small | The MSR Group

Customers want every time they interact with you, your company, and your brand to be a gratifying experience.  Companies need to understand that these interactions range from the smallest like seeing your logo next to a charity to the biggest like borrowing money to buy a house or car.  As discussed in the article below, these interactions can be called ‘moment of truths’.  They will come from different places like where you have control of the message and interaction to where you don’t even know they happened.  The best way to know if your customers are happy and believe you are providing what they need from your products and services is to ask them.  Ask them after any transaction you have control over, ask them often but not too often as to become annoying.

By surveying your customers on an ongoing, regular transactional basis, you will gain the insights and knowledge needed to retain your customers and increase the share of wallet with those customers. An established customer feedback and measurement program is not a luxury in business but should be considered a necessity to run your business.  The best solutions are a CX program that focuses on the customer survey responses, provides best practices to measure, improve, and respond, and is accessible across the entire organization from the top to the frontline.  A program that the delivery is customized to the needs of your organization and its products and services.

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