Top 80 Pop Culture Trends in October | The MSR Group

According to, there is always something trending.  Whether it be pop culture, new technology, personal life or business, everything changes. It always has and it always will. Being a market research firm, our customers expect us to keep up with what’s happening in business as well as pop culture.  We do this by reading current research and trend reports, follow industry publications and influencers, ask the right questions and listen to our customers.  On the lighter side of trends, here is the top ten pop culture trends of October.  Enjoy.

#10 Old Spice Deodorant. They created a two-hour film to promote new Invisible Spray antiperspirant called Invisible World.  Most of the film has a blank screen with fleeting moments of men in green.  Old Spice expected viewers to skip ahead to see if there was any action.  As Old Spice describes: “keep imagining, because there’s nothing to see.”  Using film and actually full-length films is becoming a popular channel for brands to get attention to new products and services.

#9 TV-Watching Races. Sky, a telecommunications company in the United Kingdom took a literal play on marathon before watching a television show newest season.  For Game of Thrones’ new season, Sky hosted a “real” 26-mile marathon showing seasons 1-6. Runners followed a straight truck with a large outdoor screen attached to a back of it.

#8 Empowering Princess Photography.  Disney’s marketing campaign, Dream Big Princess, is taking the campaign to another level by photographing real girls and women in all over the world.  Their hope was to inspire girls to dream big and become whatever they want. Smart tie to Disney’s brand.

#7 Crowdsourced Solar Eclipse Film.  Google took images found online and time lapsed them together in a video showing the eclipse.  It included a map showing the location of the images as the eclipse moved across the country.  This was an awesome alternative if you happen to not live along or traveled to its path.

#6 Revitalized Nostalgic Children’s shows.  Children show from years gone by are reappearing on Netflix and other nontraditional media.  These shows like Magic School Bus will appeal to young parents who grew up watching these shows as children.

#5 TV-Themed Magazine Trailers.  New York magazine is stepping up its advertising efforts to compete with the increasing number of online magazines by utilizing multimedia elements to attract readers.

#4 NYC-Focused Athletic Campaigns. Adidas while promoting it new shoes featuring Pharrell Williams used the campaign to encourage viewers to speak up and be heard.  Stand up for what you believe in and “Don’t Be Quiet.”

#3 Female-Focused Cannabis Web Series. The series featured on a YouTube channel created by Snoop Dogg, offers unique perspectives on women, their use of cannabis. These interviews came from a diverse group of women who talked about creativity and business along with their physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing.

#2 Star-Studded Promotional Duets. Gap creates a campaign aimed at communicating its impressive legacy and relevancy with a duet by two singers with distinctively different background. Cher represents longevity and Future represents the new music generation.

#1 Podcast-Supporting Ad Companies. A relatively new company, Midroll, works with podcasters to connect advertisers who want to engage their brands with podcasts audiences.  Here is another new and innovative way to get brands to interact with target audiences.

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