Utility Customer Satisfaction Reaches New High But Customers Expect More

This is one of many surveys in the utility space where there is a recurring response.  Customers want more than service delivery, they want to believe in and trust the service provider will keep them safe and secure and provide more efficient and innovative solutions. This revelation is occurring not only in the utility industry […]

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The Powerful Survey Feature That Drives Customer Loyalty

Improving loyalty is a big reason companies survey customers.

The challenge is finding ways to actually accomplish that goal. Customer
service leaders tell me confidentially that analyzing survey data is a
struggle. Getting leaders to take meaningful action is another tough task.

There’s o

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Improving Customer Service in the Utility Industry

Across the US, utility companies are revamping their communication strategies and implementing tools to manage and track customer experience. Why? To keep up with consumers’ increasing expectations and to find more efficient ways of providing service. This is especially important when dealing with customer problems, including outages. “Optimizing the ‘customer experience’ is no longer just […]

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