About Us

From a survey company to a full-service research partner.

The story of The MSR Group began over 60 years ago as a data collection and field service company named Midwest Survey Research. Midwest Survey earned a reputation as a reliable and accurate provider of quantitative data.

In 1994, Dick Worick purchased the company and renamed it The MSR Group. The initials were kept as a tribute to the history Midwest Survey had established, but the name change reflected the expanded services the firm would now offer and our national client base.

Having used research in both the retail and advertising industries, Dick had seen how gaining insight into customers’ mindsets is critical to achieving a company’s goals. His efforts to keep quality market research cost-effective have allowed the firm to serve organizations of many sizes. Dick’s strong belief in not just conducting research but also providing clients with actionable recommendations that improve their business is one of the underlying principles of the work The MSR Group does today.

The MSR Group now provides a full range of research services from designing custom research programs to developing an industry-leading customer satisfaction measurement program. Companies from across the US conduct research in our award-winning focus group facility. However, we’ve never lost sight of the importance of producing reliable, accurate data, just like in the beginning.