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Track Your Competitors

Competitor tracking studies give you the advantage.

Keeping tabs on the competition is smart business—it helps you differentiate yourself and hone in on your competitive advantages. With a competitor tracking study, The MSR Group can help you see where you stack up against similar companies in your footprint.

We’ll work with you to figure out which population to get feedback from and how to ask the right questions to maximize your results. Then, we’ll conduct periodic surveys to gather feedback about how customers and prospects perceive your brand versus specific, named competitors.

By exploring perceptions around products, services and specific customer touchpoints, you’ll better understand the marketplace and your company’s place in it. That insight helps you forecast customer needs and position your organization to meet them.

Find out how a competitor tracking program with The MSR Group can provide you with data that’s robust, cost-effective and key to helping you stay ahead. Contact us for details.