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Acquire Customers

Discover key insights to turn prospects into customers.

Bringing new customers in the door – the right customers, who will stay and do business with your company for years to come – is a time- and resource-consuming proposition. Research adds insight to your targeting and messaging to ensure you’re focusing efforts in the right places with concepts that resonate.

Sample service offerings:

  • Advertising Effectiveness/Creative Testing – Gauge consumers’ reactions to your advertising before you roll it out. Measure and track recollection and understanding of campaigns to ensure you’re spending your ad dollars effectively.
  • Brand Awareness and Recognition – What do consumers think and feel about your brand? Measure aided and unaided awareness, plus a variety of brand characteristics for you and your competitors. Identify the needs you’re meeting and your potential for growth.
  • Market Segmentation – Study the markets you currently serve and identify which groups could be drawn to your brand, based on their behaviors. These studies provide a great deal of information about your key prospects, which informs your marketing strategy and allows you to tailor offers and target media buys.
  • Customer Onboarding – Make sure you have the strongest plan possible to keep new customers after their initial contact with your organization. We can help you evaluate and improve your onboarding process to build stronger customer relationships.

Your potential customers are out there. Let us help you find them.
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