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Case Studies

Learn how combining research innovation with business vision has paid off for some of our clients.

Uncovering the Story Behind a Retailer’s Slipping Sales

A large regional discount retailer was experiencing decreasing overall sales and frequency of shoppers. They wanted to conduct research to assess shoppers’ attitudes and understand the extent to which internal, controllable factors were playing a part in this decline. The MSR Group was engaged for a project that included both qualitative and quantitative research–focus groups to explore shopper perceptions and key issues and then a telephone survey to measure satisfaction with specific product lines and the overall shopping experience. Our study identified consumers’ biggest areas of dissatisfaction along with what the retailer was doing well. We provided recommendations showing where to focus efforts for improvement, prioritizing areas of operational concern by reflecting actual customers’ experiences and opinions.

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Measuring Public Opinion for Food Ingredient Association

A food ingredient trade association faced consumer confusion and inaccurate portrayals online and in the media. They wanted to understand consumer opinions and awareness about the ingredient so they could develop educational messages and business strategies. The MSR Group conducted a series of research studies to measure consumer concerns, identify educational opportunities and provide direction for tailoring messages. We then conducted ongoing tracking studies measuring the effectiveness of these educational campaigns. Our research showed there was a gap between what many in the industry believed to be consumers’ top priority and reality–a distinction which directly affected companies’ product development and formulation decisions.

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Branding Children’s Hospital


Children’s Hospital, a freestanding pediatric hospital in Omaha, Nebraska, had undergone an extensive internal clarification of its core principles and brand personality. Prior to launching a new advertising campaign, the hospital worked with The MSR Group to conduct pre-testing of the creative concepts using Perception Analyzer® technology to ensure their branding message was clearly conveyed in a way that was meaningful to their target audience. After the advertising campaign ran for several months, we were then able to provide a quantitative assessment of the success of the branding efforts through a repeat of earlier Brand Awareness and Perception research.

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Medical Recruiting for Creighton University Osteoporosis Research Center


The Creighton University Osteoporosis Research Center needed a detailed, professional partner to recruit participants for a four-year study. The MSR Group is proud of our work with them on what turned out to be a groundbreaking cancer research study and a subsequent validating study. Our scientific approach to recruitment in order to meet specific criteria, including those defined by government grants, means clients like the ORC can trust their work is scientifically valid.

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Designing Credit Cards for the College Market

One of the largest credit card issuers in the country engaged The MSR Group to assess the opinions and perceptions of college students nationwide concerning credit card benefits and designs. We used a combination of traditional qualitative focus group research incorporating Perception Analyzer® technology and quantitative online research. This combination allowed us to gather feedback plus narrow down a large number of card designs in a timely and cost-effective way. The MSR Group’s research provided statistically significant results at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional market testing.

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Online Advertising Concept Testing for St. Joseph Hospital & Medical Center


St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix and its advertising agency, Prairie Dog|TCG, wished to understand the hospital’s relative perception compared to other hospitals in the market, as well as to test potential name alternatives and positioning concepts for St. Joseph’s pediatric program. The MSR Group conducted an online quantitative survey to measure community awareness and test advertising concepts. We were able to provide statistically reliable information regarding public perceptions of the hospital’s market position, plus in-depth commentary about proposed advertising concepts and name alternatives for pediatric services at St. Joseph’s.

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Survey Results Prompt Changes in GAAP for Private Companies


The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Board task force was charged with reviewing the value and usefulness of the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) for private companies. The MSR Group conducted statistically sound research using a telephone/web mixed mode methodology to represent the board’s full constituent base. Based on the research results and the task force’s experience, fundamental changes were recommended to improve the usefulness of private company financial reporting.

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