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Choosing a Quantitative Approach

Telephone Surveys

If you’re looking for feedback that’s representative of the general population, telephone surveys are an excellent choice. Telephone surveys also work well when you want feedback from specific, narrow geographic areas, or if you know your target audience but don’t have associated email addresses. If you want to incorporate open-ended questions in your survey, telephone surveys are the best option for probing for meaning and motivation to capture the true voice of your respondents.

Online Surveys

It’s difficult to find a better choice than online surveys when you want to capture quantitative feedback in response to pictures, video or audio. Online surveys are also the preferred option for surveys with a large number of questions or a large number of response options for individual questions. And, if you’re seeking feedback about an online experience, online surveys are most appropriate.

IVR Surveys

For short surveys from a known group of individuals, you might want to consider an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) survey. IVR surveys are particularly effective for gathering feedback in response to a specific action or transaction. While you will not get the same probing as you get with a telephone survey, IVR surveys do allow you to capture qualitative feedback in the voice of your respondents.

Mobile Surveys

If you’re seeking feedback from a tech-savvy audience, consider mobile surveys. Mobile surveys are effective for presenting a small set of traditional survey questions in a format customized for the nuances of mobile devices. If your survey is regarding a specific mobile experience, mobile surveys are most appropriate. This methodology is also a good choice if you want immediate, electronic capture of responses during face-to-face surveying. An interviewer can enter survey responses on a mobile device and you have immediate access to the results.

Paper Surveys

There still are a few situations when a mail survey could be appropriate. Mail surveys can be effective if you know your target audience’s location, but do not have email addresses or phone numbers. Mail surveys also work well if you want to present images and get feedback from the general population within specific, narrow geographic areas.

Combining Survey Types

What if more than one survey type seems to fit your feedback needs and what you know about your target audience? Combining survey methodologies is definitely an option. We’ll help you figure out the best way to meet your research goals – and improve your business. It’s what we do and we love the challenge.