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Facility Information

It’s easy to get here: Our facility is just 15 miles (20 minutes) from the Omaha airport and centrally located for participants. You’ll find both a large group room to accommodate traditional and mega-group formats, and a smaller room with a more intimate setting for triads, diads or one-on-one interviews. Both rooms offer ceiling to floor, wall-to-wall two-way mirrors, dual recording and simultaneous TV monitors in both respondent and viewing rooms.

All recruiting is done in-house and our hostesses oversee your entire visit. Half-inch video or DVD recording is available. FocusVision service is available, as is Perception Analyzer®.

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  • Large Focus Group Room 26 x 16
  • One-on-One/Triad Room 14 x 10
  • Observation Room Seats up to 10


Large Focus Group Room

  • Specially soundproofed walls with whiteboard and ledge for showcasing storyboards, etc.
  • Modular table/room design
  • LCD projector
  • Plasma television
  • DVD and audio recording available
  • Teleprompter for easy moderator-client communication
  • FocusVision video streaming available

One-on-One Interviewing Room

  • Video/television
  • Recessed audio recording
  • DVD and audio recording available

Client Viewing Room

  • Full length two-way mirror
  • Comfortable seating
  • Plasma television
  • Free wireless Internet

Client Lounge

  • Computer with Internet access
  • Plasma television for personal use or viewing
  • Refreshment bar with snacks and beverages
  • Comfortable seating
  • Free wireless Internet

For more information or to book our facility, complete the “How Can We Help?” form below. Or, contact our focus group division manager directly:

Justin Phipps
Focus Group Division Manager
Phone: 402.392.0755, ext. 111
Fax: 402.392.1068