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APECS® Design Principles


Why gather customer feedback if you can’t use it to make your business better? APECS® is designed to drive business improvements in multiple ways.

  • Real feedback from real customers: Authentic, unscripted interactions tell you what really drives customer satisfaction.
  • Easy access to results: Within 48 hours of a customer transaction, your internal stakeholders – from front-line managers to executives – have results at their fingertips.
  • Differentiate top and bottom performers: You can immediately focus improvement efforts where they’re needed most.
  • Decrease customer problems: For more targeted process improvement efforts, APECS® helps you identify the most frequent sources of customer problems.
  • Solve remaining problems well: While you can’t solve or prevent all problems, APECS® puts the systems in place to ensure you are always effectively managing customer concerns.
  • Share proven practices: To capitalize on the successes of your top performers, APECS® helps you share proven best practices for improving the customer experience.
  • Options/Flexibility: The APECS® system provides flexibility and options to meet the budget and feedback needs of companies of all sizes. From the survey to the APECS® Performance Monitor, you can choose our recommended best practices or customize your system from end to end.