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Customers’ needs and wants are changing. Our research recommendations keep you a step ahead.


On one hand, retailers’ goals are the same as they’ve always been: Get the customer in the door (whether that means visiting your storefront or shopping your website). Increase basket size. Drive repeat business. Encourage referrals.

However, the means of achieving these goals have changed tremendously due to major shifts in customers’ expectations and shopping patterns. Technology has shaped communication and marketing strategies, and the landscape in which retailers operate will never be the same. As consumers become more price-sensitive and deal-savvy (even shopping with mobile device in hand), it’s harder to turn a profit while providing a quality customer experience. And you can’t afford to fail when it comes to customer experience.

We can help you get the most out of every customer interaction by providing tools for your employees and information about what your customers want and expect. For example, our APECS® Customer Satisfaction measurement program allows you to turn customer feedback into business improvements and ultimately an enhanced customer experience.

It is important to understand your audience, your competitors and your brand perception. Our research will help you position and price your products to align with customer expectations, and it will give you an immediate read when you’re lagging so you can make the necessary adjustments.

Sample Service Offerings:

  • Brand Awareness and Recognition
  • Store Redesign Evaluations
  • Customer Satisfaction and Advocacy Measurement
  • Packaging & Product Development
  • Advertising Effectiveness/Creative Testing
  • Feasibility/Stealth Research
  • Trier/Rejecter Studies

Research aligns your strategies with your customers’ needs. We offer a variety of qualitative and quantitative approaches to help you be in the right places, with the right products at the right prices.